The piano & music has been a life long hobby and way for me to express myself in a unique way to the world. I took piano lessons with Jackie from age 7 to age 12. Stopped until practicing on my own at 17. Had breaks here and there for college or no access. Bought my keyboard when I was 23. Regardless of my mistakes or lack of music at times, this is a life journey I am willing to participate in regardless of the outcome - it's a part of my life.

Scott Warner Piano, As Baby

Scott Warner Piano - Age 2

Daily Practice Routine - 30-35 minutes with metronome

36 Scales in: Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Natural Major
24 Scales in 3rds: Harmonic Minor, Natural Major
24 Scales in 6ths: Harmonic Minor, Natural Major
24 Scales in 10ths: Harmonic Minor, Natural Major


Clair De Lune - Debussy
Elegie - Rachmaninoff
Solfeggietto - Bach
Prelude - Bach
Valse Op. 83 - Durand

Working on

Etude in C Major, No. 1 - Chopin "Waterfall"
Etude in E Major, No. 3 - Chopin "Tristesse"
Etude in c minor, No. 12 - Chopin "Revolutionary"
Etude in c minor, No. 24 - Chopin "Ocean"
Polonaise in A-flat Major, No. 6 - Chopin "Heroic"
Scherzo in c-sharp minor, No. 3 - Chopin
Entertainer in C Major - Joplin
Maple Leaf Rag in A-flat Major - Joplin


Etude in e-flat minor
Etude in b-flat minor
Etude in g minor
Etude in b minor
& other minor musical phrases and ideas

Original Work:

Original work in b-flat minor

Original work in e-flat minor

Original work in g minor

Cover Work:

Elegie by Rachmaninoff - Clip 1

Elegie by Rachmaninoff - Clip 2

Harmonic Minor Scales